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Allow us to introduce ourselves...

DC locker specializes in the manufacturing of smart lockers. With 20 years of experience and over 700 employees, we aim to provide our distribution partners with the exact equipment specification to fit their parcel management solution needs. Typically, our distribution partners serve multi-family homes, commercial buildings, schools, amusement parks, and the retail space. With hundreds of custom options, we can provide bio-metric authentication, temperature managed lockers, custom wrapping, and more.  For a free consultation, please give us call or stop in to look at our showroom!


Our Lockers are Featured in...

Smarter than the Average Locker

  • Exceeds Industry Security Requirements
  • Custom App Available
  • SMS and Email
  • Cloud Capable
  • Modular Design
  • Customizable Exterior
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Weather-proof
  • Integrated Camera
  • Data Analysis

Our Product Offerings

Temporary Use Lockers

Our temporary use lockers provide a secure and convenient way to stow equipment, luggage, or parcels .

PackStack Tower

Our retail space locker towers provide end-users with the ability to skip the lines by retrieving packages simultaneously.

Package Management

Our package lockers save money and facilitate more efficient package management in multi-residence homes.

Proud Partners

"DC Locker was able to take a custom order for us and still give us great pricing! I guess working with the manufacturer has its perks"
Kim Smith
Satisfied Partner
"Unbelievable turn around on ordering additional units! I expanded my parcel management solution without any complications or delays."
John Williams
Satisfied Partner
"Very professional technical support. They sent out a technician to install our lockers and they provided training at the same time. We are impressed!"
Liz James
Satisfied Partner

A little more about DC Locker

DC locker builds more than just smart lockers, we build trust. Each one of our systems is built with this core value in mind. We firmly believe that when a package is sent, or an item is stored, a promise is made. If that package or item doesn’t make it to its final destination, trust is broken. With over 20 year of keeping promises, DC locker is a leading manufacturer of smart lockers. We have over 500 employees already building trust, and recently we have opened up branch offices in the US to provide better technical support to our distribution partners.

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